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Workshops (3h training session) 

A workshop is a 3 hour “in-depth” training, starting with a thorough warm-up,

followed by technical instruction to end with practical drilling of the learned techniques.


The content of a workshop may differ depending on the general interest.

We specialize in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Thai Boxing, Escrima, MMA, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

In addition to sporty clothing, all kinds of personal protective equipment can be used.

Workshops (minimum 6 personen) volgende datum 2024

Bootcamps (15 to 20 hrs in 1 Weekend)

During these 2 days, in addition to proper warming up (muscle strengthening exercises, stretchings, Yoga and coordination exercises),

the students are immersed in a flow of different fighting systems/styles.

The use of the personal natural weapons (one's own body) will be reflected

in everyone's personal experience during the interplay (drilling) with different partners.

In addition, various weapons will also be taught for defense (knife, dagger, stick, ...) 

Sporty clothing is desirable, as well as own weapons and training materials such as Thai pads, kick pads and hand pads.

Bootcamp (minimum 12 personen) volgende datum 2024

Last workshop 8 mei 2022

                 Vorige evenementen

Filipino Martial Arts: Kali-Escrima-Silat - 17 May 2020.

Martial Arts Bootcamp 25-26 April 2020 - Geannuleerd.

Shooto - Brazilian Jiujitsu als grondverdediging - 15 Maart 2020 - Geannuleerd.

Wing Chun Jan Fan Gung Fu - 16 Februari 2020.

TOP STAGE MET TOP TRAINERS 6 October 2019- Sporthal Bosveld Machelen.

Workshop FMA (espada y daga + long staff), JFJKD (Intercepting) - 25 august 2019.

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